Virus Cleanup – Removal

Flat rate of $55.00


We are the most competitive V.I.P. Focused IT Company in Orlando.
We will see you again, but not with the same computer…, and we are proud of it.

Although sometimes the computers of even the most cautious users can become infected, there are some general guidelines to avoid viruses:


  • Never open an email if you do not recognize the address of the sender.
  • Never open an email attachment unless you are sure about its contents even if you know the sender. Viruses are sometimes disguised as funny pictures or other attachments that people may unwittingly forward to their friends.
  • Never download anything to your computer if you are unsure about the file you are about to get.
  • Unless you are expecting an e-greeting or e-card, do not open these emails.
  • Update your anti-virus software often. ( if we installed ¬†our Virus Cleanup Pro services in your PC, you will not have to worry about this )
  • Follow the green ring ( if you are our customer already )
  • Read our security newsletter.



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