Read this (after F. I. Service)

When you buy a new PC from retail, you’ll get Windows on it already installed, that version of Windows it’s called “OEM”. And it’s far from being good install.

OEM install is well known to have a lot of services and applications running in the background that you really don’t need, and the ones you really need are just trials.

You will be able to open Words documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets. Also all the multimedia codec’s required to open any kind of Music, Picture and Movie Files With our fresh install, you going to get you computer ready to use, with an antivirus running, an extra Internet browser other than the unsecured Internet Explorer. Also the operating system will be updated with all the services pack knows to be available at the moment including drivers, that’s the reason we will reject to do this service in your computer if only have 256 MB of RAM or less.

We are extremely careful not to clutter the operating system with unnecessary entries like other OEM distributions do. .

If you don’t have your OS License Key, we will not be able to help you, unless you acquire the License with us.

What Not Todo:

  • Do not install any peer-to-peer application like Limewire, Ares, Bearshare or bit torrent; doing so will void the warranty of the service. If this is a must have you should consider to get the “Lifeguard Insurance”.
  • Do not install any extra security software other than a 3rd party Firewall.
  • Do not install any other software unless you know you going to really need it..
  • Do not tweak or skin customize the operating system, this usually slow down the whole system.
  • Avoid using Internet explorer as much as you can, instead, use our recommended browser
  • What Todo:

  • Run the Malwarebytes at least once a month or if you see something unusual happened.
  • Run optimization Services once a month: Start, All programs, Accessories, System tools, Disk Cleanup. And/or Disk Defragmenter
  • Call us for help during the warranty period of 30 days; the remote support is unlimited during this period.
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