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We as the best computer repair services company will be offering this service to you only when you get a fresh installation of the Windows Operation System (any version) LifeGuard Insurance Protection Plan is for one year starting from the purchase date, and can be used up to 3 times at any time, within the covered period with no other charge

This service must be performed at the time in which your computer was diagnosed and left for servicing. Once the new installation is agreed upon and an estimate is signed, if you have chosen to decline a fresh installation, the option will no longer be available.

Conditions for insurance plan:

? You will have the unlimited remote support for the period of 30 days that is containing on the package of “Fresh installation”. after those 30 days, the remote support support is paid $30 per time. It’s only under your discretion then to decide to take advantage of the insurance and reinstall again the Operating system and get the computer in the same stage it was originally when serviced for the first time. Or, if you like, we could trade any of your available “Insurance Time” for a “Remote Support”

? This insurance plan is to cover our “Fresh OS Installation” service from PC Tech plus all the Microsoft Operating System updates, not to cover a fix of a particular OS error, malfunction of a glitch, (to cover that, PC Tech Services provide a complete different service)

? The hardware has to be in the same exact configuration as when you purchased the installation service for the first time. If the CPU, MOTHERBOARD, HARD DRIVE, or any other hardware components are altered from the state they were in at the time of fresh installation, the restoration process will not be guaranteed. If the computer should experience HARD DRIVE failure, the HARD DRIVE would then become the customer’s responsibility and we can also provide it for the best experience and convenience; ONLY THE SOFTWARE installed previously would continue under the insurance protection plan.

? If the computer is brought in under the insurance plan, it will be returned in the original state it was in when it was serviced the first time. Any upgrades on the hardware to the computer since it was originally serviced are not covered by the plan. but it doesn’t mean, we will not do our best effort to make it work again at PC Tech Services discretion.

? The “Lifeguard Insurance” is transferable from person to person

NOTE: Any other programs or personal information such as documents, photos, music, etc. added thereafter is your responsibility to guard and protect and is, therefore, not protected by this insurance plan. If you need to bring in the computer to repair what is covered under the insurance plan and should happen to need those documents, photos, music, etc. to be recovered, charges will be applied accordingly as it is an extra service

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