Hotmail inbox are dissapearing

Users across the world reported over the weekend that their e-mails had been mysteriously deleted. Over the past couple of days, Microsoft’s official forums were filled with complaints from users claiming that their inboxes and all of their folders had been emptied, with some suspecting that their accounts had been hacked. Microsoft’s Hotmail technical team has acknowledged that it’s aware of the issue, and that it’s working to restore access for those affected. A Microsoft spokeswoman, however, told the BBC that the problem was not widespread.

Something that we already noticed a few months ago, including some server’s worms infestation on where some of our customers account had been attacked and turned it into unused inbox. On all cases the only solution so far we recommend is to close the account and open a different one. Another solution could be to erase all their contacts from their address book if you really need to keep that email address.

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